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Utah Couriers offers a great variety of legal courier services to help the people of Utah in managing their legal affairs. When you have court filings, processing documents, or court document retrievals that need to be delivered fast, our court runners will have you covered!

What We Deliver

From court pleadings and subpoenas to processing documents and more, our court runners can help deliver any of your legal documents to the courthouses and offices of Utah! Take a look at the numerous types of legal documents that we’re already delivering every day:

How it Works?

Utah Couriers is here to help the people of Utah by providing a broad selection of 24/7 same day delivery services. Have your packages delivered within hours of pickup, so that you can focus on the more important things in your life or business! Here’s a variety of ways that our premier rush courier services are already serving the people of Utah for their important package deliveries:
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Legal Courier Services Overview

Stay on top of your casework and legal affairs with the help of our legal courier services in Utah. Whether you have court complaints, petitions, processing documents, or court document retrievals, our court runners will see to it that they reach the proper recipient at the right courthouse, law firm, or county court. With 24/7 availability, our legal courier services will always be there to help run your documents with reliability and speed.

For your convenience and peace of mind, we will also provide you with GPS-powered real-time tracking and delivery confirmation for all your packages shipped through our legal courier services. Unlike our competition, we also attach our own delivery guarantee to every shipment. With Utah Couriers on the job, you can always expect your legal documents to reach their destination within their scheduled timeframe, safely in their original condition, and presented with all due professionalism.

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